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For me, 2015 was a phenomenal year! I advanced my skills and met several colleagues from all over the country at several advanced dental education seminars. I spent quite a bit of time in Los Angeles, Scottsdale, Boston and Memphis to earn certifications from USC, the Spear Institute and other top dental organizations to make sure my skills are up to date and that I can offer my patients all the latest dental techniques available!

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All-On-4 Dental Implants - Las Vegas, NV

Smile! Your Future Just Became Much Brighter!

Your Life

If you have many missing or decayed teeth, brighter days may seem very far away. Eating and speaking are an ongoing challenge, and smiling is something you’d just rather not do. Your self-confidence has never been so low. In the past, your teeth replacement options were limited and what was available was less than ideal. They didn’t always look or feel natural, nor did they deliver reliable performance. But now you can breathe easy, because today there’s a solution that can restore all the beauty and function of your smile with durable, custom-fitted replacement teeth. The advanced technology behind All-on-4 full arch dental implants has not only made that solution possible but enables you to undergo that transformation in one day.

Transformation Driven by Exceptional Technology and Expertise

All-on-4 is a reliable, effective solution, but it isn’t a simple one. It’s actually very complex. Which is why it takes a professional with extensive experience and credentials like Dr. Curry Leavitt to make your new smile a reality. From completing dual periodontology certificates to starting the Red Rock Institute to train other practitioners on advanced techniques, he’s become a clear authority in the field. Always a champion of new technologies, Dr. Leavitt uses leading-edge tools that many practices haven’t yet adopted. After a personalized consultation, he uses pioneering technology to complete your surgery virtually, planning out every step. You can see exactly what he’s going to do and, best of all, what you’ll look like afterward. When it comes time for Dr. Leavitt to place your implants, the process is quicker and more precise and the results more predictable, since it’s been extensively preplanned.

Transformation Driven by Exceptional Technology and Expertise

All-on-4 is a reliable, effective solution, but it isn’t a simple one. It’s actually a very complex process with multiple steps.

After removing any remaining decayed teeth, he inserts as few as four posts per arch into your jawbone. Revolutionary guided implant surgery technology—used by only the top doctors in the country—shows him exactly where to place your implants for the optimal fit and esthetics. He’ll then attach a customized full bridge to the posts so that you can leave with a full mouth of healthy, attractive, securely fixed teeth that same day! Guided surgery also minimizes pain and healing time, letting you begin a more fulfilling life quicker. What’s more, the work comes with a warranty. It’s through Dr. Leavitt’s own carefully honed skills and knowledge and use of exclusive technology that he’s able to deliver consistent exceptional clinical results—even for some patients who’ve been turned down by other practices.

Seeing Is Believing

What is an excellent clinical result? It’s not just about Dr. Leavitt using proven techniques to complete your surgery. It’s you seeing what you want to see when your treatment is finished. Positive results are those that not only allow you to smile because you have a full new set of teeth, but make you want to smile again because of how good you feel about yourself. Your voice sounds clear and natural. You look like you again. Your favorite foods are back on the menu. Your self-confidence has returned stronger than ever. Activities that were so difficult—eating and speaking—become effortless once the full function and esthetics of your mouth are restored. Dr. Leavitt has helped thousands of patients achieve their dream smile through All-on-4! He’s eager for the opportunity to do the same for you.

Get Started on Your
Brighter Future

Your dream smile is waiting! The next step is up to you. You can continue to eat a soft food diet, hide your smile during photos, and be constantly uncomfortable about the state of your teeth, or you can have a consultation with Dr. Leavitt to discover what your life could be like with shiny, healthy, sturdy new teeth—and renewed self-confidence. Isn’t that what you’ve been waiting for? Your future will be bright if you just take ahold of it. Do it now!


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