Dental Implants Will Change Your Life

Many people that suffer from missing teeth are embarrassed to talk, smile, and socialize, and some even have trouble biting and chewing. Missing teeth can also result in disruptions to your facial bone structure and a deterioration of your general health. No matter how many teeth you are missing, permanent dental implants can offer a life-long corrective solution. 

Our cutting-edge tooth replacements help restore oral health, beautify your smile, and improve your dental function. The dentist at Dr. Lampee’s Teeth In 24 Dental Practice is experienced in placing dental implants in Beaverton, OR, and our team will help you achieve the gorgeous, stunning smile you’ve always dreamed of.

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The Anatomy of a Dental Implant

Full mouth dental implants consist of three main components—the post, the abutment, and the restoration. When these three components work together, they replicate the function of your natural teeth. Since they are permanently anchored in the jawbone, dental implants are the most durable tooth replacements available, and they can replace one tooth or a whole mouth of missing teeth. 

Implant surgery requires the expertise of a skilled implant dentist, as well as the utilization of advanced surgical technology in order to optimize the results of the treatment’s long-term success. As a globally renowned dentist, Dr. Heath A. Lampee offers full mouth dental implants for various patient cases, and employs state-of-the-art technology and advanced Zirkonzahn materials for world-class results. 

With our team’s expertise, we will help you achieve a lifetime of health, happiness, and self-confidence with your new dental implants right here in Beaverton, OR!

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A Customized Treatment Process From Start to Finish

There are a variety of dental implant options depending on the specific needs of a patient. An implant can support a single tooth replacement, or multiple implants can support an entire upper or lower arch of new teeth in the event a patient is missing several teeth in a row. For patients suffering from many missing teeth, dental implants at Dr. Lampee’s Teeth In 24 Dental Practice can permanently support a complete fixed bridge of artificial teeth. Our dental implant solutions make it possible to eat the foods you love, as well as improve your ability to live comfortably, socialize normally, and feel confident with a truly beautiful smile.

image of a dental implant denture on a prosthesis jaw in a dark and blue lit aesthetic dental room.

How The Dental Implant Treatment Process Works

The full mouth dental implant procedure at Teeth in 24 is personalized to each patient’s specific health needs. The first step is to complete a consultation with Dr. Lampee at our office in Beaverton, OR. During the consultation, we’ll discuss your complete dental history, take X-rays, and develop a fully customized treatment plan. 

After your consultation, the next step is the actual surgery, which may require tooth extractions and/or bone grafting procedures prior to the dental implant placement. Dr. Lampee ensures an efficient procedure whether he is placing a single implant or an entire arch of new teeth, and you will comfortable and virtually pain-free over the entire course of your surgery thanks to advanced IV sedation. 

And the best part? Thanks to our in-house dental lab where we design and print our own PMMA provisionals, Dr. Lampee is able in most instances to place your restoration teeth within 24 hours. Over the course of the next three or four months, your jaw will heal with the implant post until you’re ready to recieve your permanent, final zirconia restoration teeth.

Are You A Candidate For Dental Implants?

Are Dental Implants For You?

Full mouth dental implants provide a variety of benefits compared to other tooth replacement options. Unlike dental bridges, for example, implants do not require an actual tooth structure in order to support the restoration. 

Dental implants require adequate jawbone density in order to provide rigid support, and in turn, they will stimulate surrounding tissue to keep the jawbone healthy. Unlike traditional dentures, implants are permanently fixed in the jaw and are strong enough to restore over 99% of your natural biting power. 

Because of this, implants are the preferred modern day solution to missing teeth. Virtually every patient that visits Dr. Lampee’s Teeth In 24 Dental Practice is a candidate for life-changing dental implants.

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Life-Long Benefits of Dental Implants

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Affordable Dental Implants at Dr. Lampee’s Teeth In 24 Dental Practice

In addition to the life-changing benefits of dental implants, many patients actually end up saving money with implants compared to dentures. As the closest thing to natural teeth, the higher initial cost of implants is quickly negated by the drastic improvements to your health and self-confidence. This enhancement in quality of life is crucial, which is why we do everything we can to make sure your dental implant procedure in our Beaverton, OR, implant clinic is effective, comfortable, and delivers perfect results. We also work with patients to provide alternative payment options, including working with third-party financing companies to secure costs into low monthly payments. Receiving dental implants from our world-class implant dentist in Beaverton, OR, is a life-changing experience, so give us a call today if you’re ready to take the first step toward a renewed life and a brand new smile.

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I am extremely grateful for Dr. Lampee and his staff. Facing the prospect of having one’s teeth removed and replaced can be quite scary, but Dr. Lampee guided me through the process with care and ease. His staff treated me with care and respect while remaining professional. They provided me with a safe space during a difficult time. Dr. Lampee truly cares about his patients and about improving their quality of life and it shows in every aspect of his practice. I would recommend them 1000 times. Thank you Dr. Lampee for having such a positive impact on my life and health.
Christy Duncan
Calm, welcoming, efficient, helpful, and thorough.
Dr. Lampee is an amazing Doctor. Probably the best dentist I have ever been to. He is a great person and cares deeply for his patients. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
Gracious, friendly and professional response from front desk to dental technician to Dr. Lampee. Very professional assessment of options for my somewhat complex issues, based on outstanding technology and engaged and complete explanations from Dr. Lampee. Worthy of 6 stars!
Dr. Lampee is probably the most highly skilled dentist in the greater Portland area. My wife and I are truly grateful for finding this dental surgeon. Wanda, Lisa, and Dr. Lampee make up a great team. They are courteous, ethical, provide excellent service, and produce amazing results.
Dr. Lampee and his staff were amazing! I suffer from a high level of dental anxiety and needed some dental work done badly. Dr. Lampee and his staff put me at ease immediately and never made me feel silly or like I was overreacting. I used oral sedation for a root canal, crown and fillings. Dr. Lampee completed all the work in one appointment and it was the best dentist experience of my life. 100% recommend!

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