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Perfect Your Smile With Affordable Dental Implants

How long has it been since you truly loved your smile? Since you were able to eat and chew comfortably? When you have failing or missing teeth, the day-to-day effects can take a severe physical and emotional toll on your well-being. 

At Dr. Lampee’s Teeth In 24 Dental Practice, we understand how hard it can be to live a life devoid of quality oral health. Our goal is to help you end painful symptoms through affordable dental implants that are customized to fit your lifestyle, your smile goals, and even your budget. 

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Understanding the Variety of Dental Implant Options

Dr. Heath A. Lampee offers a variety of implant solutions depending on a patient’s specific needs. We offer single implants and permanent full mouth dental implants. Fixed dental implants provide the greatest stability. Full mouth dental implants represent the ultimate in full arch solutions, as they permanently replace an entire arch of teeth with four or more implants anchored into the jawbone. Many patients assume dentures are the “quick fix” when it comes to missing teeth, but the reality is there are stronger, healthier, far more durable solutions available.

Our acclaimed cosmetic and implant dentist in Beaverton, OR, is expertly trained in surgical dental implants, and offers years of experience restoring patient lives through the life-changing benefits of dental restorations. We encourage you to speak with us directly to learn more about how much full mouth dental implants cost, and how dental implants can provide a functional, healthy, affordable alternative to traditional dentures.

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Are You A Candidate For Dental Implants?

The Average Cost of Dental Implants

Our affordable dental implants in Beaverton, OR, are an incredible investment that is ensured to improve the quality of your life. Our Zirkonzahn full arch dental implants never slip or move out place, and thanks to the state-of-the-art materials we use, they look, feel, and perform 100% naturally. 

Dental implants offer the stability to bite and chew like normal no matter what kind of food you’re eating, and they actually work to improve the health of your jawbone so it doesn’t deteriorate over time. 

And regarding your long-term quality of life, full mouth dental implants are always an option at Dr. Lampee’s Teeth In 24 Dental Practice, even if you have severe bone loss or have been suffering from missing teeth for years.

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Our Patients tell the story best


4.8 Over 125 Reviews
I am extremely grateful for Dr. Lampee and his staff. Facing the prospect of having one’s teeth removed and replaced can be quite scary, but Dr. Lampee guided me through the process with care and ease. His staff treated me with care and respect while remaining professional. They provided me with a safe space during a difficult time. Dr. Lampee truly cares about his patients and about improving their quality of life and it shows in every aspect of his practice. I would recommend them 1000 times. Thank you Dr. Lampee for having such a positive impact on my life and health.
Christy Duncan
Calm, welcoming, efficient, helpful, and thorough.
Dr. Lampee is an amazing Doctor. Probably the best dentist I have ever been to. He is a great person and cares deeply for his patients. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
Gracious, friendly and professional response from front desk to dental technician to Dr. Lampee. Very professional assessment of options for my somewhat complex issues, based on outstanding technology and engaged and complete explanations from Dr. Lampee. Worthy of 6 stars!
Dr. Lampee is probably the most highly skilled dentist in the greater Portland area. My wife and I are truly grateful for finding this dental surgeon. Wanda, Lisa, and Dr. Lampee make up a great team. They are courteous, ethical, provide excellent service, and produce amazing results.
Dr. Lampee and his staff were amazing! I suffer from a high level of dental anxiety and needed some dental work done badly. Dr. Lampee and his staff put me at ease immediately and never made me feel silly or like I was overreacting. I used oral sedation for a root canal, crown and fillings. Dr. Lampee completed all the work in one appointment and it was the best dentist experience of my life. 100% recommend!

This is the Beginning of Your Smile Transformation.

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