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Potential Risks From Dental Implant Surgery

All things considered, dental implants are highly safe and effective, and they are by far the best modern-day solution when it comes to correcting missing or severely damaged teeth. In fact, research shows that osseointegrated implants have a less than 2% rate of failure even after a decade of normal daily use. Of course, there is always a risk for adverse effects when it comes to placing dental implants, and this is true before, during, or after the surgical procedure.

If you are suffering from failing dental implants, including implant-related complications such as peri-implantitis, Dr. Heath A. Lampee and the team at Teeth in 24 in Beaverton, OR can help. With over 15 years of elite dental implant experience, Dr. Lampee is one of just several hundred dentists globally to have earned the title of diplomat with the American Board of Oral Implantology/Implant Dentistry (ABOI/ID). No matter the complications that your dental implants may be giving you, Dr. Lampee and our team of experienced dentists guarantee to help you find a reliable long-term solution.

Reasons For Dental Implant Failure

When dental implants are placed correctly and the patient has healthy gums and strong bone mass in the jaw, there are rarely any complications in either the short or long term. However, if a dentist has placed implants in a patient with poor gum health or bone deterioration, serious complications can arise from infection and inflammation. Below you’ll find a few of the most common reasons why you may be experiencing problems with your dental implants.


Infection (Peri-Implantitis Treatment)

While rare, the most frequently occurring problem that arises with dental implants is infection. When the bone and/or soft tissue around the implant becomes infected and inflamed, the condition is known as peri-implantitis. Peri-implantitis can arise for numerous reasons, including poor oral hygiene, systemic disease, and instances of pre-existing oral health conditions such as periodontitis. The best way to treat peri-implantitis is with LAPIP Laser Soft Tissue treatment, which is part of Dr. Lampee’s treatment protocol for failing dental implants. In less severe instances, an antibiotic prescription and improved oral hygiene are all that’s needed to clear up minor cases of infection.

Errors During Surgical Placement

As one of the nation’s leading dental practices placing dental implants, patient outcomes with Dr. Lampee show that implant-related problems due to errors during surgery are virtually non-existent. However, Dr. Lampee and the team at Teeth in 24 frequently correct and repair mistakes made by other dentists and oral surgeons, wherein either the implant itself or the restoration (replacement teeth) were placed incorrectly, and ended up causing problems down the road. If an implant or multiple implants are placed, for example, at the wrong location or at an incorrect angle, pain, discomfort, and improper functioning may occur.

Excess Force Or Impact

While dental implants are incredibly tough, durable, and reliable, they are not 100% indestructible. Similar to your natural teeth, severe impact trauma (i.e., accidentally biting into a fork or seed) may produce enough force to damage either the restoration teeth or the implant itself. Dr. Lampee has extensive experience repairing implants in such instances.

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Treatments That Can Correct Failing Implants

Dr. Lampee is well-versed and experienced in a variety of treatment protocols aimed at repairing failing dental implants. We offer LAPIP gum disease treatment in instances of peri-implantitis, wherein a high-intensity laser is used to eliminate infection and inflammation at the site of the implant, without damaging healthy surrounding soft tissue. We are also able to repair failing implants by replacing hardware, milling new restorations, or both. Whatever treatment is needed in order to repair your failing implants, Dr. Lampee guarantees to help you find a reliable, effective solution.

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