Why Choose Dr. Lampee for Dental Implants Over Other Oregon Providers

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Dental implants have become the most effective solution for so many because they bring confidence and improve your quality of life.  With more confidence, men and women of all ages find it easier to pursue their goals and feel comfortable in social settings.  With an infection free mouth and a functional set of teeth, you can eat with ease and your risk for cardiovascular disease and stroke is reduced.


If you are ready to make a positive change in your life with dental implants, your next step is to decide what dentist will provide your implants and complete the procedure. This article shares the important factors you should consider when choosing a dentist for dental implants and how Dr. Lampee has set the standard high in Oregon for providing a world class experience for all his patients.


EXPERIENCE: Dr. Heath Lampee, DMD has 15 years experience in providing full mouth transformations


Dr. Lampee is a top implant expert and recognized as an experienced and respected industry leader in dentistry.  With a background in general and cosmetic dentistry spanning over 15 years, he applies flawless artistic expertise to surpass all patient expectations and ensure 100% patient satisfaction.  Dr. Lampee is a native Oregonian, was raised in Salem and educated at Oregon State University and Oregon Health Sciences University School of Dentistry.  He continues to sharpen his skills and knowledge by participating in advanced continuing education courses throughout the year.


Patients travel many miles to receive his care because of his proven track record of successfully rehabilitating thousands of patients, improving their oral health, and enhancing their confidence. His expertise and specialized knowledge of dental implants, necessary for complex mouth transformations, has made him Oregon’s premier choice for dental implants, crowns, and veneers.


It can be daunting for patients to choose a dental practice and dentist for their dental treatment especially when it includes surgical procedures.  It is important to remember that with any surgical procedure there are risks which is why you should only choose a dentist who has proven their skill and their primary focus is dental implants.  Dr. Lampee does not dabble in dental implants, they are the focal point of his practice and career.  He prides himself in giving his undivided attention to each patient while carrying out a successful and unique treatment plan.


IN-HOUSE LAB: Dr. Lampee does not outsource any of his work


When you choose Dr. Lampee, he completes your entire treatment plan.  Other dental implant centers outsource the design and milling of your crowns, veneers, and dental implants, but Dr. Lampee does not. He is one of the few offices nationwide that has a full-service dental implant lab within the practice.  He has invested in leading-edge technology from Italy, the M1 Wet Heavy Metal Milling Unit from Zirkonzahn. This technology allows Dr. Lampee and his staff to deliver reliable and perfect single and full mouth dental implants in as little as 24 hours. He is also able to create full mouth zirconia crowns as well.


His state-of-the-art dental lab offers his patients the highest quality and reliability in dental services, in a relaxed setting with the ultimate in care and personal attention.  He works directly with his dental lab technician to ensure each patient gets the best result.  Dr. Lampee’s Teeth in 24™ is setting the highest standards in the dental industry. Everyone else is just playing catchup.  His ability to control the creative process and deliver life-changing restorations is truly phenomenal.


With this technology, not only do his patients benefit from the most cutting-edge technology for creating dental implants but they also benefit from the cost advantage.  Since he controls the entire creation process of dental implants, he can ensure the costs do not become too high or out of control for his patients. The CAD CAM technology is unlike old school denture technology and our patients receive the most natural, durable, and comfortable dental implants that are offered today.


PERSONAL CARE: Dr. Lampee and his staff provide a stress-free experience


Dr. Lampee and his staff truly care about their patients.  It is a compassionate office, not a corporate office.  They pay attention to every detail and do all they can to ensure your smile transformation treatment plan is stress-free and as easy as possible.  The attention to detail and care you get from their team surpasses all other dental clinics in Oregon.  Many of his patients have come to him after receiving horrible care in the past.  They are blown away by the kindness and sincerity he and his staff show.


When you schedule an appointment with Dr. Lampee, you will spend time with him, not an assistant.  He takes the time to get to get to know you, understand your story and provide a unique, simple, and most effective treatment plan to help you achieve optimal oral health and gain the confidence you deserve.  He is with you every step of the way.  His goal is to provide you with a stress-free dental visit where you can have your concerns addressed in a relaxed, comfortable, and friendly environment.  He can also provide different levels of sedation that corporate dental offices do not offer.


Dr. Lampee and his staff are very transparent, because no one likes surprises.  It is their passion to give patients back their life, with little down time and discomfort as possible for them to be able to chew again, smile again and have a healthy body again!


TRANSFORMATIVE BUT SIMPLE TREATMENT PLAN: Dr. Lampee provides the best treatment plan and clear path 


Many patients visit Dr. Lampee to receive a second opinion for their treatment plan.  They choose him because of his skill and experience that allow him to prescribe a simplified and efficient plan to achieve a perfect smile and optimal oral health.  Other practices often make the journey too long and complicated with too many steps. Dr. Lampee is honest, open and will not lead you astray.  He will hold your hand every step of the way.

He takes the most transformative approach that can be done rather quickly and efficiently.  His skill allows him to avoid multiple surgeries for implants or multiple bone grafts. He understands it can be scary for patients to undergo a smile transformation and he ensures his patients will not spend more time in his office than they must.  He also stands behind his work and provides a warranty.  He believes in his work and wants his patients to preserve their investment with our clear and written warranty.

Dr. Lampee has been Oregon’s leading choice for dental implants for over 15 years.  You can trust that at Dr. Lampee’s office you will be in the hands of an expert and his expert staff. Experience matters. Caring for our patients matters. If you have any questions about dental implants and would like a FREE consultation, please call our office at 503-646-CARE.

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