Shining Star: Mary’s Full Mouth Restoration

Mary's Before and After Photo

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Every day I get to meet incredible people who each want something a little different in life. And I am so thrilled when I can help them realize their dreams. Often, they come to me after years of other dentists telling them what they want is impossible. And when you hear that message over and over again it can shake your resolve.

Not Mary! She knew the health issues she’s dealt with for fifteen years could get better. They had to get better. So she came to me to see if I could help.  She spent years with dental health problems and not liking her smile. She had been told ‘no’ so many times by prior dentists that she had become anxious of even setting foot in a dental office.

We were able to save her upper teeth with new crowns, veneers and bridges, which was all completely done in just two visits. Her lowers were more complex. She was missing multiple back teeth and there was no bone available to put implants in the back unless we did multiple complex bone grafts over many surgeries. She also had gum recession and cavities on her remaining teeth, plus she had a bad bite which had caused her teeth to wear down prematurely.

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The most practical approach for her lower teeth was to do a screw-in permanent implant denture. She still had plenty of healthy bone in the front of her jaw, so we were able to place four implants and anchor in new permanent teeth that corrected all of her problems. And we did it all in just one surgery!  She left after the first day with temporary screw-in teeth. Four months later we started the impressions for her permanent porcelain implant denture.

And in those few visits, Mary’s years and years of dental issues were 100% fixed! Mary’s full mouth restoration is a great lesson for the rest of us: no matter how bad you think your teeth are, there is always a path to a better smile!

Mary was so happy with her restoration that she sent a lovely letter to us that we just have to share:

Dear Dr. Lampee, staff and patients,


What a journey I have experienced starting in March 2018 when I first had a consultation with Dr. Lampee. I was scared. Apprehensive. Anxious. Why? My former dentist at a major insurance company, told me there wasn’t much they could do for me. My gum disease, receding gums, loss of too many teeth and bone loss left me no options in my mind. That dentist told me no insurance company would pay for any restoration and, I wouldn’t be a candidate anyway. I stopped smiling fifteen years ago until Dr. Lampee cheerfully explained to me I was a candidate for a full mouth restoration. Wow, I cried. Where has Dr. Lampee been my entire life!


During the first consultation I was explained the entire process in detail. The pro’s and risks, high costs, pain, surgeries, sedation, healing, soft food diet, all the fittings, appointments and the hundreds of questions he answered. A few of the main reasons I chose Dr. Lampee is his integrity, passion, devotion to the care of his patients. He exudes these qualities every time I have seen him over the past 10 months. Moreover, he continually strives to push the envelope on researching innovative ways to go forward in dental medicine and techniques. You have to read his book, “Live Small Live Big, The New Modern Guide to Success”. You will get the gist of what I’m talking about.


I was scared to death having so many teeth pulled but through sedation I basically was asleep and didn’t feel anything. He prescribed some pain meds and steroids for post pain and inflammation for a few days which speeded up my recovery much faster than I anticipated. He and his staff always helped to reduce my anxiety by kind words, reassurance and being patient. The lemongrass infused warm towels for my face and hands made me feel like I was at a spa.


As a result of this journey, Dr. Lampee has corrected my overbite and my receding lower jaw, saved what teeth and bone I had left, cured my gum disease through laser surgery and completed a full mouth restoration. Now, my confidence to smile with no restrictions is my lifetime gift to myself all thanks to the most caring dentist I’ve ever known.


The photo you see was taken today Christmas Eve with 95% of the process complete. I don’t have a before photo. Thank you Dr. Lampee and staff for everything you have done for me. Happy holidays!!



Thank you, Mary! It was our pleasure helping you and we love your new smile, too!

Dr Heath Lampee, DMD

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