Gum Recession Treatment: Three Reasons Why You’ll Love Your Lampee Lift

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Receding gums can feel as pleasant as pouring scalding coffee on an exposed nerve. Mainly because that’s exactly what you’re doing when you try to enjoy a piping-hot cup of Joe with a side of gum recession! Even drinking a glass of ice water can feel like torture. And while you may be reluctant to seek treatment, failing to address your gingival recession only delays the inevitable, while putting your dental health at risk.

I’ll admit, other dentists’ approach to gum recession is intimidating.
You may have heard stories about a coworker or family member who underwent gum recession treatment. In the past, or even today if you go to another dentist, gum recession meant major surgery. So it’s understandable that you’d rather wince your way through room temperature beverages, rather than admit you need help.

Thankfully, it’s no longer a game of “Would You Rather?”
With my game-changing treatment known as the Lampee Lift℠, I can restore your lost gum tissue in a far less invasive way that’s more comfortable than you’ve probably imagined.

The best gum recession treatment
Not sure you’re ready for the physical relief and cosmetic rejuvenation that come with restored gum tissue? Read on to learn the top three reasons why you’ll love my approach to treating your receding gums.

1. It’s much more comfortable than old-school gum surgery!
At Sleep Dentistry Defined, your comfort is of the utmost importance. Which is why in our practice,  unlike with other dentists, we avoid removing tissue from the roof of your mouth. Instead, we can use donated sterile tissue, much like surgeons use to treat burn victims. This is far less invasive for you, and the results are spectacular. But it’s not just about avoiding surgery on the roof of your mouth; it’s also about providing the option of sedation, if you prefer not to be conscious for your procedure.

2. It’s fast.
Imagine getting comfortable, attractive, healthy gums in as little as an hour or two. In general, you can expect the results you want in less time than it takes to binge watch a second or third episode of your favorite TV show. How is this possible? Well, since we don’t have to use your own tissue, we can cover more teeth in one procedure than you can with old-school techniques. Other dentists who remove tissue from your mouth prolong the process and the recovery time because there’s a limited amount of tissue they can remove when they’re using your own. With my gum recession treatment, you can relax, avoid intrusive surgery and gain a better result – much faster.

3. Your teeth will be less sensitive and less prone to cavities.
When I developed the Lampee Lift, my goal was to restore receding gums in a revolutionary way, a way that gives patients the smile and lack of sensitivity they’ve longed for – without extensive and painful surgeries. After seeing the joy on my patients’ faces after their Lampee Lift, I couldn’t be more excited to have achieved that goal. While it takes about three to six weeks for the tissue to mature, and you will need to take it easy on your gums in that time, once it’s matured, your formerly exposed roots will finally be covered again. That means you’ll look great and feel even better, enjoying all your favorite foods and beverages, comfortably, happily and with less risk of cavities.

Gum treatment you’ll smile about
You deserve to live your life without excruciating sensitivity. You deserve to feel confident with your laugh and with your smile. And you deserve dental health! With the Lampee Lift, you’ll gain all the benefits you know you deserve, with far less pain than you may have expected.

So book your appointment today and look forward to a future with healthy gums!
And in the meantime, remember: Most gum recession comes from overly aggressive tooth brushing, so from today forward, take it easy and be gentle when you brush.

-Dr Heath Lampee, DMD

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