Gum Disease Part 3: Treatments

Dr Lampee and patient

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Welcome back to my article series about the Sleep Dentistry Defined approach to gum disease treatment and restoration. Last time I talked about the basics of gum disease – what it is, who it affects, and common symptoms. Today, I’ll share Sleep Dentistry Defined’s unique approach to treatment and restoration of gum disease.

Care That’s Unique to You

As with all my patients, whether they’re just in for a cleaning or are starting a complete Lampee Rejuvenation, I always discuss each patient’s needs first so that together, we can determine the best treatment and path forward. Some patients are absolutely terrified of going to the dentist in the first place (can you believe it?)! And others have health conditions that will require a specialized dental treatment. We always take these considerations into account before we start treating a patient.

This is the same approach I take to anyone fighting gum disease. No two cases are the same, so no two treatments are the same! Once we have fully assessed the disease, and know what’s important to the patient, then we can build an individualized treatment plan that suits each patient.

That said, treating gum disease fits into two general levels of care. While I look at these more as the two extremes of the possible care we can provide, I want to give you an idea of the type of treatments available to fight gum disease in a general sense. Of course, if you have gum disease (or suspect you might have it), and want to discuss an individualized treatment plan, please give us a call.

Treating Mild Gum Disease

Fortunately, many cases of gum disease are caught early enough that treatment is non-surgical, and the body itself will do most of the healing.

As I mentioned before, gum disease occurs when pockets of toxins form beneath the gumline between teeth and gums. This diseased area eventually expands and causes tooth and gum tissue to recede to the point that teeth are no longer anchored to the jaw and must be removed. And of course, the disease is something your immune system must constantly fight, weakening it from defending the rest of your mouth and body!

If we catch the disease before it progresses to this point, we can actually treat gum disease with a deep cleaning and better home hygienic care. Since gum disease is caused by toxins trapped between the gums and teeth, if we can remove these toxins, the gums and teeth can heal naturally. If only a small amount of gum and bone tissue has been lost, a deep cleaning at our office, followed by excellent oral hygiene at home can often fully reverse mild gum disease.

Severe Gum Disease and Surgical Options

On the opposite end of the spectrum, advanced gum disease may have already caused so much damage to teeth and gums that individual or multiple teeth and diseased areas of gum tissue need to be removed. This often happens in older patients who have had a lifetime of dental issues that may have been small in the past but have finally developed into more major issues that need to be addressed.

Thankfully, there is hope even for those who have advanced gum disease. In fact, one of our specialties at Sleep Dentistry Defined is the complete restoration of your entire mouth, or as we call it, the Lampee Rejuvenation. This is an individualized approach to dental restoration, and it often involves two treatments that can be used together to treat and restore the damage that gum disease has caused: gum grafting and dental implants. These procedures are used to restore and replace lost tissue and fully restore your smile.

No matter how far gum disease has progressed in a patient, we can help! We have spent years helping patients restore their smiles, and we take great care to ensure that each patient gets the individualized dental care they need. If you’d like to discuss a treatment plan for yourself – whether it has to do with gum disease or not – we’d love to help. Contact us today and we’ll set up a consultation for you!

Dr Heath Lampee, DMD

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