Am I Too Old for Dental Implants

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Am I Too Old for Dental Implants? 

Have you considered dental implants or cosmetic dentistry, but wondered if you were too old or if you would have potential issues due to your age? Stop, and give us a call right now. If you’re suffering from missing teeth or a tooth that must be extracted soon, you might be wondering if you’re too old to get dental implants to fill in your smile. Dentures are a popular alternative to dental implants for older generations due to their ease of use. However, just because you are part of the older generation and want a beautiful smile does not mean you need to be stuck with dentures. Keep reading to learn more about dental implants, when it’s time to get them, and how to get dental implants in Portland at any age with Dr. Lampee. 


What is a Dental Implant? 

 Dental implants are placed in the jaw to replace a missing tooth root. According to the FDA, dental implants are medical devices surgically implanted into the jaw to restore a person’s ability to chew or for their appearance. They support artificial (fake) teeth, such as crowns, bridges, or dentures. 

 Once a dental implant is placed, it must be allowed to heal for four months before a porcelain crown is placed on top; however, in many cases, it can be placed the same day. You can replace a single tooth, or multiple teeth, with dental implants. Sedation can be offered to patients who request it. 


When is it Time for Dental Implants? 

 If you have missing teeth or otherwise need teeth extracted, you can get dental implants. The best time to get dental implants is now, even if you’re part of the older generation. Elderly patients are great candidates for dental implants. The healing process and the amount of time it takes to heal from dental implants are the same for elderly patients as for younger patients.  

 Benefits of dental implants include: 


  • Restore your ability to chew 
  • Boost your appearance 
  • Prevents the jawbone from shrinking 
  • Preserves the health of the surrounding bone and gums 
  • Keeps nearby teeth stable 
  • Can be treated just like natural teeth — no need for the upkeep that dentures require 
  • Improves confidence and quality of life 


Dental Implants at Any Age with Dr. Lampee 

 No matter your age, we are here to help you restore your smile and your confidence. Our state-of-the-art dental lab offers our patients the highest quality and reliability in dental services in a relaxed setting with the ultimate in care and personal attention. Dr. Lampee works directly with our dental lab technician to ensure our patients get the best result. 


Why Patients Trust Dr. Lampee with Dental Implants and Teeth in 24 

 Most of Dr. Lampee’s patients have not been to the dentist in 5-15 years because of fear or financial hardships.  When they do come in, they need a lot of work to restore their smile, but they are unsure of which treatment plan is best for them.  Dr. Lampee and his staff truly care about their patients.  They pay attention to every detail and do all they can to ensure your smile transformation treatment plan is stress-free and as easy as possible.  Many of his patients have come to him after receiving horrible care in the past.  They are blown away by the kindness and sincerity he and his staff show. 

 Dr. Lampee helps patients with all types and severity of broken smiles.  For the patients that see Dr. Lampee and have teeth that are unsalvageable because of infection, cavities, or fractures, he can extract the teeth and give them permanent dental implants in 24 hours.  In 24 hours, his patients leave his office with a fully functional and beautiful set of teeth!  If he can save the teeth but they are crooked or have stains and fractures, he can save the teeth by recrowning them and then giving them veneers.  In just about a day, you will leave with beautiful teeth without having to extract them. 

 Dr. Lampee always puts his patients first and will recommend the most conservative and safe treatment plan that will allow you to have a beautiful and fully functional teeth!  The materials that Dr. Lampee are durable and will last a lifetime if cared for properly.  He recommends flossing and brushing your teeth twice a day.  He also recommends using a water pick.   

 Dr. Lampee is one of the few offices nationwide with a full-service dental implant lab within the practice. Our expert dental implant lab technician can create new custom dental implants in as little as 24 hours. Dr. Lampee has invested in leading-edge technology from Italy the M1 Wet Heavy Metal Milling Unit from Zirkonzahn. This technology allows us to deliver reliable and perfect single and full mouth dental implants in 24 hours. We are also able to create full mouth zirconia crowns. 

 To learn more about Dr. Lampee and book a free consultation, visit us at 


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