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Bone loss in jaw from missing teeth


Did you know that missing teeth can lead to bone loss, jaw infections, and even mental health issues? Learn more about these important health connections.

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Rediscover Your Confidence: The All-on-4 procedure restores not only your smile but also your confidence. Say goodbye to worries about missing teeth and hello to a new level of self-assurance.

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Post-Procedure Consultation: Our post-procedure consultation will address any questions or concerns and provide guidance for long-term oral health maintenance.

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Bone Loss From Missing Teeth

Your CT scan is crucial for them to understand the risks and effects of missing teeth on the body. The solution? Dental implants act as tooth roots, stimulating the jawbone to reduce bone loss. This method eliminates the source of infection, safeguarding your body against its harmful effects. It’s vital to note that this procedure is unique to Teeth in 24, highlighting the importance of choosing the right full mouth dental implant procedure.

Jaw Infection and Bone Loss

Infections in the jawbone can cause the bone to deteriorate and soften, mirroring the process of wood rotting when exposed to moisture. This deterioration is often a consequence of missing teeth. Without a tooth or dental implant to stimulate the bone, significant bone loss can occur in the affected area. This loss manifests as a weakening of the jawbone’s structure, which, over time, can lead to more severe complications. Addressing this issue promptly is crucial as delayed treatment can result in increasingly complex and expensive corrective measures.

Tooth Loss and Mental Health

It was reported a clear link between tooth loss and mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, social isolation, and low self-esteem. The impact of missing even a single tooth can be profound, affecting mental well-being. This information is vital for those struggling with their dental condition, emphasizing that wanting to improve your dental health is not selfish but a necessary step towards better mental health. It’s about finding a solution to a problem that affects you daily and recognizing the cost of inaction.

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