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Lampee Rejuvenation: Proud of Our Happy, Smiling Patients

If you’ve read any of my articles over the last few months, you’ll have heard of the Lampee Rejuvenation – in short, it’s our approach to complete smile transformations! I just wanted to take a few minutes to remind myself about some of the amazing patients I’ve had over the last few months, and share these uplifting stories with you too so you know what is possible when my team and patients finish a new Lampee Rejuvenation!

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Lampee Rejuvenation: Advanced Dental Tools & Knowledge

One key piece of the Lampee Rejuvenation that I don’t talk about very much, but is nevertheless a very, very important part of what we do, is the advanced knowledge and training of my team, paired with the high-tech dental tools that we have here at Sleep Dentistry Defined.

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Lampee Rejuvenation: The Basics

What is a Lampee Rejuvenation? I’m glad you asked! It is Sleep Dentistry Defined’s unique approach to dentistry, and the perfect way for you to completely transform your smile!

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Introducing the Lampee Rejuvenation

Lampee Rejuvenation. It’s what we do when a patient needs more than just routine care. Sometimes they’ve had a lifetime of dental or health issues. Often they don’t even like going to the dentist for checkups. But after visiting us they tell us their life has been completely transformed!

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Dental Health and Parkinson’s Disease

Many dental patients with Parkinson’s disease don’t know what their options are. Their first symptoms are usually toothache, broken teeth, and discoloration. For many patients, the teeth have gotten so bad that the best option is to start fresh with a long term solution that will last them the rest of their lives, especially as their symptoms advance. My job is to educate and help my patients retain their smile and confidence as they fight this disease.

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Dental Implants and Implant Dentures

Most patients seem to know a little about implant dentures and dental implants, so I’m here to fill in the gaps and let you know if you may be a candidate for one of these transformative dental procedures!

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