Are Your Dental Implants Failing? Dr. Lampee Can Help

Are Your Dental Implants Failing? Dr. Lampee Can Help

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Dental implants have revolutionized the field of dentistry, offering a highly safe and effective solution for individuals with missing or severely damaged teeth. In the vast majority of cases, dental implants prove to be a long-lasting and reliable option, with research indicating a less than 2% failure rate even after a decade of normal daily use. 

However, like any medical procedure, there is always a potential for adverse effects. When your dental implants have been applied incorrectly, or if you have suffered from health or oral hygiene complications since your implant application, it’s possible for them to become damaged. Dr. Heath A. Lampee, an elite diplomat with the American Board of Oral Implantology/Implant Dentistry (ABOI/ID), specializes in providing solutions for failing dental implants.

Understanding Dental Implant Success

Before delving into the reasons behind dental implant failure, it’s crucial to acknowledge the remarkable success rate of osseointegrated implants. Osseointegration refers to the process by which the implant fuses with the jawbone, creating a stable and durable foundation for replacement teeth. Research consistently demonstrates that this integration has a success rate of over 98% even after ten years of regular use. When done and cared for correctly, dental implants will have success. 

Reasons for Dental Implant Failure

Despite the high success rate, there are instances where dental implants may fail. Understanding the potential reasons behind this failure is essential for patients considering or undergoing implant procedures:

Inadequate Bone Density

Insufficient bone density can hinder the successful integration of the implant with the jawbone. Dr. Lampee’s expertise in immediate load implant solutions is particularly beneficial in addressing this issue, providing patients with a quicker and more efficient solution.


Infection can occur during or after the implant surgery, jeopardizing the stability of the implant. Dr. Lampee’s extensive experience ensures meticulous surgical procedures and comprehensive postoperative care to minimize the risk of infections.

Poor Oral Hygiene

Maintaining proper oral hygiene is crucial for the longevity of dental implants. Patients must adhere to a rigorous oral care routine and attend regular check-ups with their dentist. Dr. Lampee emphasizes the importance of post-implant care to maximize the lifespan of the implants.

Incorrect Placement

Precise placement of the dental implant is critical for its success. When implants are incorrectly placed, they can damage the integrity of your mouth (and be uncomfortable for you). Dr. Lampee’s expertise as an elite diplomat with ABOI/ID ensures that each implant is strategically placed to optimize stability and functionality.

Dr. Lampee’s Approach to Failing Dental Implants

Dr. Heath A. Lampee’s reputation as one of the world’s premier general dentists stems from over 15 years of dedicated service to patients in the Beaverton and greater Portland, OR metro areas. He takes a personalized approach to fixing failing implants, ensuring he gets to the bottom of what is causing the failure. From there, he creates a bespoke plan to help restore your smile. As an elite diplomat with ABOI/ID, he stands out as one of the few dentists in northwest Oregon offering immediate-load implant solutions.

What are the treatment options?

Because a variety of reasons can cause dental implant failure, no two rescue procedures will be the same. Depending on your unique circumstances, your treatment options will change. With specialized planning, Dr. Lampee will help to restore balance to your mouth. However, there are a few common solutions. 

For patients with inadequate bone density, Dr. Lampee may recommend bone grafting or augmentation procedures. These interventions help create a solid foundation for implant placement, increasing the chances of successful integration.  

Dr. Lampee’s commitment to comprehensive care extends to meticulous infection control. His emphasis on postoperative care reduces the risk of infections, ensuring the long-term success of dental implants.  

In cases where incorrect placement is identified as a contributing factor, Dr. Lampee may recommend corrective procedures. This may involve adjusting the positioning of the implant to optimize its stability and functionality.

Failing Implant Treatment

Dr. Lampee’s commitment to comprehensive care ensures that every aspect of the implant procedure is meticulously managed. From accurate placement to postoperative care, patients can trust in his expertise to minimize the risk of complications and ensure the long-term success of their dental implants.

While dental implant failure is relatively rare, it does happen due to infection, poor oral hygiene, or incorrect placement. A qualified professional like Dr. Heath A. Lampee will be able to offer you specialized care. With his extensive experience, elite diplomat status, and commitment to innovative solutions, Dr. Lampee offers comprehensive solutions. 

If you’re facing implant challenges or considering this transformative procedure, Dr. Lampee’s practice provides a comprehensive and advanced approach to ensure your dental implant journey is a resounding success. Dr. Lampee offers caring service and full-mouth dental implants In Beaverton, OR. Call or email us to schedule a consultation and restore your smile. 

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